Saturday, June 14, 2008

Knitting in Public

Happy WWKIP Day for all you knitters out there!  I am part of Sit N' Knit here in NYC and we had a fantastic day.  We all met at the Great Lawn in Central Park and knit for a few hours and then went to our after party at The Gin Mill for Happy Hour, and then made an after after party stop at Knitty City.  I mean, we were so close who could resist stopping in and saying hello to some fiber :)  Also, I must mention that there were door prizes today and I won!!!  That's right, I won.  I won the most beautiful Brooklyn Handspun yarn.  The colorway is called Smooch!  I can't wait to knit it up.  I think it will look great on my feet :)

I also decided yesterday to organize my yarn and Madison decided to help out.  She is quite the helper and organizing the stash is one of her favorite activities!! (besides making the bed)

Last weekend I made a last minute trip to Kansas to visit some family.  It was such an awesome time!  We ate and drank and enjoyed each others company.  My nieces did wear me out, as 6 years old usually do.  My dad and brothers played golf the whole weekend and I went with them on Sunday and spent the day riding in the golf cart.  It was glorious for my knitting!  I finished my Chic Hippie Skirt!  I shouldn't get ahead of myself.  I finished the crocheting part of it.  I still have to sew some buttons on it and make a lining of some sort.  I bought some material to make a skirt lining, but might not have enough so we will see.  I will post more pics once its done completely.

I made the teddy bear for my niece but it turned out all wrong, so I halted the plan for them to have new toys from me.  Oh well.  They'll live.  I've also started two new projects.  I'm knitting the Lelah Top from Ravelry/Craftster.  I'm using stash yarn for this.  I'm also knitting a baby sweater knit in the Knit Picks Cotton Sport.

I did finally finish my acrylic sweater and I blocked it last night.  I have a plan for the seaming, but I'm not sure I'm ready to announce it to the world yet.  I feel a little dirty.  I'll tell you next time!