Friday, May 30, 2008

Sales and such

The month of May was all about me reducing my stash. I did a great job. I knit two boring scarves, I crocheted a shawl, I am knitting a sweater. All from my stash. Good Girl. Then came along the Joan Vass Yarn Sale. She is retiring after a million years and had to get rid of tons of yarn. Rooms full of yarn. All for very cheap. I did some serious damage. I got some amazing stuff though and for nothing. I'm actually a better stasher than I used to be. I used to only buy one skein, maybe two, but not I know to buy in bulk for large projects, especially when I was able to get full bags and boxes of 10 skeins for 20$.

I love this yarn. Its 100% cotton, but look at the shine it has. LOVE IT!!

I love this one too. Its a nice shade of green in a bulky yarn. I can't wait to
 knit something fabulous for the winter!


There is more yarn, but that's all I posted because I wanted to pretend like I didn't get as much as I did.  Shame.  You can see more on Ravelry.  I'm amandagrace33.

I also spent Memorial Day on Coney Island with my boyfriend and some friends.  It was such a good time.  It's such a shame that they will be tearing it all down, but I'm glad that I went before it was taken down.

My skirt is coming along quite well as is my sweater.  I know that if I put my sweater down I will not pick it up for a very long time, so I know that I must finish it.  I also picked up a crochet hook to crochet a very simple teddy bear and bunny for my nieces because I am going on a last minute trip to visit them.  My awesome brother and dad split the purchase of a ticket for me to go and visit next weekend, so some toys must be made!  I'll post pics once I finish the toys.  I think they will be adorable!  

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Lynnette said...

I always wanted to go to Coney Island, but no such luck. And wow, that yarn you bought is gorgeous!