Saturday, August 30, 2008


I hate politics. I really do. I’ve never really had an interest in them, and very rarely get involved in political debates or discussions. I’m one of the few people I know that doesn’t associate with a party. I’m not registered as a member of either party. I believe in researching each candidate and voting for the candidate that I think will do the best job. I don’t believe in voting or not voting for someone because they are a Democrat or a Republican, or Libertarian or Independent. I don’t vote for someone because they are a Christian, or not a Christian. I don’t vote for someone because they are white or black, or because they are a man or a woman. I choose the person to vote for based on how they feel about important issues and how I think they would handle the job.

I’m not writing this to knock anybody’s ideas or views, but I just got really frustrated today when I saw who John McCain chose for VP. I’m not here to bash Sarah Palin, because I know nothing about her. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person and a great mother to her kids. I’m sure she’s a competent leader of Alaska. What makes me so angry about the situation is that it is so obvious that McCain picked her because she is a woman. He is trying so desperately to get the “lost” Hillary Clinton votes that he picked this woman with little experience over more qualified candidates. It is so plain and clear that he wanted her on his ticket to win those female votes.

Now what really irks me is that someone running for the leader of our country is sexist enough to believe that women will now vote for him simply because he has a female running mate. To think that women are dumb enough to not see straight through this political game makes me so furious. This is the move of someone interested in winning the election and not interested in what is best for his county.

As a woman, I can’t deny that it was a little exciting seeing a woman making a legitimate run for the Presidency. Would I have voted for her? I don’t know, but if I had chosen to, it would not have been simply because she was a woman. Excitement aside, sex does not determine your capabilities. Your experience and stances on the issues do.

I never write about politics. I find them boring and really only pay attention when I have to vote. I try my hardest to be a fair and educated voter. I am someone who watches the Democratic convention and the Republican convention because I feel that it’s important to be educated about what you are voting for, and what you are voting against. I respect everyone’s right to have his or her own opinion, as long as it is an educated one.

I hope that the women of America are awake and paying attention to this latest move in the political game. We have worked too hard for equality to let the potential leader of our country assume our ignorance in his political games.

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