Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surviving Colorado

We survived Denver!  It was actually an amazing trip.  Our families got along famously and I got to spend a little time with my brother, and watch him play football.  I got to break in my new Packers' Jersey, and go to the Bronco's stadium which was really nice!  

Here we are outside of the stadium.  It looks like it has a roller coaster on top of it!

Rob grew up in Denver cheering for the Broncos, so the fact that I got him to wear a Packers hat shows his true devotion to me! (not to mention all the year of cheering on LSU instead of Michigan!)

Matty warming up on the field before the game.

Flynn family (part of us anyway) after the game!

I also have to add that the Packers just finished their last pre season game and my brother was awesome.  He lead them down the field to score with seconds left in the game.  He also ran for a first down and faced tons of pressure when he threw the touchdown.  They almost went into OT, but they receiver didn't get both feet down when he caught the ball!!  Long story short, my brother was great!

I did actually cast on my ravelympics sweater while I was away, but the provisional cast one came unraveled.  Typical.  I started over and am a few rows in.  So far so good!


aundy from ravelry said...

I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Sandy W. said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. We were cheering for Matt here in Green Bay last night. My husband said people that he works with had great things to say about his plays last night. We are all set to watch LSU this Saturday. Keep at that sweater; you'll need it soon if it's one for the cold weather months.

Rima said...

Such great pictures! Always nice to see what knitters do (well, other than knit, I mean)!